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I want to take a tv commercial and extract sound from it. I want to keep the "sound" of the words, i.e. the voice but I want to "blur" the words. I wonder if anyone knows how I might do this with something like audacity? I don't want to loose the tones of the voice, but I don't want the words to sound like words or even language, more just like music.
Thank you!
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IF you had the original stereo mix for the audio AND IF the vocal part was more left or right of centre, it MIGHT be possible to apply an audio effect to the vocals without affecting all of the other instrumentation too significantly.  There are a range of free VST, LADSPA or Nyquist plug-ins that might allow you to alter a voice to make it sound like musical tones while disguising the words, but the plugins would also affect other audio on the same track as well unless you were able to isolate the vocal from the instruments, create a new "vocal" track to apply an effect to, and then blend it back in again.

Isolating certain frequencies in an audio track, particularly a stereo one, in order to boost or suppress frequencies is difficult to achieve.  There are various Audacity tutorials that suggest methods for reducing vocals in a music track to create a "Karaoke" backing track, but I have never had much success with these methods.  Success very much depends on where the vocals are "panned" and to what extent.



Great! Thanks very much
Thank you Willie

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