Domain Providers geared more with customizable templates for non-profit social organizations

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when you want to purchase a domain name, are some providers more pertaining to certain markets.. in this case, there is non-profit startup that needs a web presence, it is being started by a couple who are not tech savvy.

they suggested something like below tabs:
Home / About Us / Photo Gallery /  /  / Events / Contact Us /

that looks generic, but it will be good to know if some templates are offered more for social work by any domain providers..
the organization will do more 'feed the poor ,educate children etc'

would appreciate any input..
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domain name providers, usually known as Domain Registrars, do just that: enable you to register a domain name which usually have a yearly cost and must be renewed when the initial term is up. they do not provide hosting or templates.

other than registering your domain name, you will need a web site hosting service.

quite often, a hosting service will allow you to register a domain name through them (often at a discount) which is valid as long as you stay with that hosting service.

another approach is to use which offers free basic hosting AND will allow you (for an annual fee) to use a registered domain name in lieu of the default domain name, i.e., which is free has MANY free themes which would probably meet all of your requirements.

as an example, i use which i 'own'  and which replaces the default url

you will probably need someone with some technical skills to help you set this up, no matter what you choose to do.

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