exchange 2016 suddenly stopped working

i have installed a fresh installation of exchange 2016 CU5 on a fresh clean system. also a newly constructed domain forest. so no previous domain garbage.

i followed the regular instructions. prepared the schema and did the install. restarted, configured a send connector and everything worked perfectly without an issue.

suddenly and without a clear reason. exchange just stopped receiving any messages. and when i try to send a message it goes immediately to the drafts.
the firewall gets the messages tries to communicate with exchange but nothing happens. when i open the queue viewer there is nothing there at all. the main submission queue disappears and appears.
beteween the time it was working and the time it stopped working nothing at all has changed. the system is still the same.

the case is really urgent so any help will be appriciated
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Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Exchange connectors are tied deeply to the name resolution. You can ensure that the server can resolve its own name correctly (loopback, short netbios name, full fqdn name). Additionally, ensure that your exchange servers are up, that there are enough resources on the system (memory, processor, disk) and the status of your queues (You can check it using Get-Queue, after performing a test, and you can send us the result).
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
well like i said nothing has changed between the time it was functioning and the time it stopped.
and yes it actually can resolve itself and its name.
if you have an tests i can run im all open to it.
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
also the system resources are all fine. enough disk space, enough everything its all fresh. there is even no data in the tabases. they also appear to be healthy.
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
If your emails going to drafts it's mean that Send Connector can't communicate with smart host or if you're using MX record there is a problem with DNS name resolution on Exchange.

Try restart Transport Service and just after do nslookup  to some domain you're trying to send email to. Leave info in dos window and wait. If server wil get problem again do nslookup again to same address and compare results.

You can also check your internet connection, Root Hits on DNS and some tracert to domain you're trying to send email to.
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
well here is the issue its not sending anything to anywhere any more or receiving anything from anywhere anymore. its as if the transport service doesn't exist anymore

NSlookup works fine.

tracert to Hotmail or google mail where it doesn't send or receive anything still looks fine.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
well here is the issue its not sending anything to anywhere any more or receiving anything from anywhere anymore

Drafts is for sending emails not receiving, so please clarify your issue
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
this is the entire point sir.
its like deaf.

somehow the sending is solved. now it sends out. but its not receiving any more.
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
i guess i have entered myself into a totally new problem now.
i have changed the Ips fo the DC and the Exchange servers. now the transport services and OWA are not working at all.
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
when i logon locally to the exchange server i can actually ping the domain controller on the new IP but something is still off i cant logon the domain
Schnell SolutionsSystems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Was it necessary? If yes, then you will need to change IPs at many places...
- dns server of your exchange
- applications using your server as an smtp relay.
- bindings of your connectors (onless they were set to use any ip address)
- bindings of your iis websites (onless they were set to use any ip address)
- appliances (if any), delivering messages to exchange.
- etc.

If you need to make it, better wait to resolve the problem at first.
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
the setup has only two servers. the DC and the Exchange,
so i changed the Ip range on both.
they can communicate and they can ping each other and i can even resolve names.

what i just noticed is that login doesnt respond to the domain name anymore but to the Pre windows 2000 login name.
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
further i also discovered that i can login when i do this.
domain\administrator (doesnt work) it used to untill i changed the IPS
domain.local\administrator (works) didnt matter before the ip changes.
arghosrhoAuthor Commented:
it will really be great if somebody can assist me with this issue.
i managed to sort out the ip change problems but exchange is still mute. nothing is being recieved or sent
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You must change IP address of DNS in Properties of DNS Server too.
In addition, you must run on DC and Exchange the following after an IP change:
ipconfig /registerdns
net stop netlogon
net start netlogon
After that's done:
Assuming it's a GC, then physically check DNS and look at the GC folder under the folder to make sure the IP has updated.
Also check the LdapIpAddress record. That's the one that shows up under as 'same as parent' A record. If the old IP is there, delete it.
Also check all of your zones' properties, Nameserver tab, to make sure it was updated. If not, manually change the IP.
Check AD Sites & Services to make sure the server is in it's correct Site.
To make sure everything's ok, Let's see the following:
Unedited ipconfig /all of the DC.
Any event log errors.

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