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I need some pgp software for a project:

1.  GPG 4 Win, is this good product ?  Can I install it w/o issues and/or does it have Trojans  embedded ?
2.  PGP Desktop, by Symantec, is anyone using this software ?

do either of the two above have a command line option ?
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1. The people I know who've used it liked it and never had any sort of issues. Trusted product. However, make sure you download it directly from the official site to avoid issues!
2. I've used it and it works fine. (Note that it's been renamed Symantec Encryption)

Symantec does offer a command line product (Symantec Command Line):
I do believe you can utilize GPG4Win from the command line also. (GPG in and of itself is command line driven, so...)
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Have a look at some of my articles like this one: 
GPG is essentially the same as PGP, they are compatible at any rate. Using them is not easy, even after all these years. There are GPG applications or addons for products like Thunderbird (email client) and even Outlook. Still the managing and exchanging of public keys is a pain. Google has been trying to combat this issue for users for quite some time now, but without much success. (counterpoint to the former link)


Thanks for your input. I really wanted to make sure the GPG download was not a hoax of Trogan of some type. but you guys provided some really good info.

I will review all this stuff and post back if I have any more questions.


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