Shortcut in startup folder wont run

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Hello experts,

I created a shortcut in %programdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs to run a registry file which is placed in c:\windows.
But when I log in with different user it wont run.
I created that shortcut on virtual machine and captured the image.
I works fine in VM. If i create a new user on VM, It runs good.
After the deployment, The shortcut is there but it wont run.
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Having a *.reg file run when a user logs on can be a useful way of ensuring that users get the latest settings that you want them to have without having to go to each user and manually update their system. However, just adding the *.reg file to the users startup folder won't make the file load it's settings into the registry. You need to create a shortcut to REGEDIT with a set of parameters (which include the *.reg file) to run.

To create the shortcut, right click on your desktop or an empty space in Windows explorer and select New > Shortcut. In the "Type the location of the item" field, add the full command to run your registry file.

regedit /s "C:\My Reg Files\MyRegFile.reg"

Open in new window

Note that the path to the *.reg file is surrounded by quotes to allow the use of spaces, and that I have used the /s switch to run the file without prompting the user.

Click next and type a nice name for you shortcut. You can now move the shortcut into your "All Users" startup folder and the reg file will run silently whenver a user logs on.


I created a shortcut with regedit /s "C:\windows\File.reg" and copied that shortcut to startup folder


It run good on Image, but after deployment it wont run
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If it requires account elevation, it will need to be run as a scheduled task under the system acvount, and triggered by logon... If you need help doing this, lemme know and I'll post a link to a "how to"


yes I need please
i will try that too
The article is here:

Although it references Vista, I have used this to schedule tasks in WIN 7 and Win 10...

It is a clever trick and works well!  Just read carefully... It sounds more complex than it is!


that did not work
Another article... might be easier to follow...

When you say it didn't work... Are you getting any failure indications?  Is it just not running? Or is it running and not doing what it's supposed to?


This post show that I need to log into that account where I want to create a task.
I want to create a task in local account and once deployed it should run for all domain users
Check out steps 12 & 13...

If scheduling from an admin acct, you should be able to select "at logon" and "any user"

However, this will only be applicable to the machine in question...

If you want it to work in s domain, you will need to use Group Policy...

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