"Failed to convert parameter value from a String to a Decimal."

Below is the Procedure, code calling procedure and the last line is the varable passed

(@ProductId INT,
@ProductSize VARCHAR(25),
@Price MONEY,
@SalePrice MONEY)
INSERT INTO PriceTable(ProductId,ProductSize, Price, SalePrice)
VALUES(@ProductId, @ProductSize, @Price, @SalePrice)

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 public static bool AddPrice(string ProductId, string ProductSize, decimal Price, decimal SalePrice)
        DbCommand comm = genericDataAccess.CreateCommand();
        comm.CommandText = "AddPrice";

        DbParameter param = comm.CreateParameter();
        param.ParameterName = "@ProductId";
        param.Value = ProductId;
        param.DbType = DbType.Int32;

        param = comm.CreateParameter();
        param.ParameterName = "@ProductSize";
        param.Value = ProductSize;
        param.DbType = DbType.String;

        param = comm.CreateParameter();
        param.ParameterName = "@Price";
        param.Value = "Price";
        param.DbType = DbType.Decimal;

        param = comm.CreateParameter();
        param.ParameterName = "@SalePrice";
        param.Value = SalePrice;
        param.DbType = DbType.Decimal;

        // result will represent the number of changed rows
        int result = -1;

            // execute the stored procedure
            result = genericDataAccess.ExecuteNonQuery(comm);
            // any errors are loggin in genericdata access we ignore them here

        return (result != -1);

bool success = CatalogAccessClass1.AddPrice(ProductId.Text, ProductSize.Text, Convert.ToDecimal(Price.Text) , Convert.ToDecimal(SalePrice.Text));

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Ron RenningerAsked:
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Shaun KlineLead Software EngineerCommented:
This is wrong:
 param.Value = "Price";

It should be:
 param.Value = Price;

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Ron RenningerAuthor Commented:
Thank you it was hard to find after looking at the code for a long time
Ron RenningerAuthor Commented:
It is asp.net using C# but i did not see it in the drop down list
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