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Shanice Whitley
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7085802642 This number scammed me for my bank account info and left my money in the negatives how can I report this person to the police
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It should be reported to cyber crime immediately
Scott CSenior Engineer

Call your local police department, but before that CALL YOUR BANK!!!

Find out what they suggest, you will probably get that account closed and open another one.
Joan LewisBusiness Analyst Finance

horrible :O
I am afraid always with scams, god bless me and you all
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As others suggest, contact bank and the police (since it is a bank, the Bank will possibly call the Fbi/Treasury)
They'll pull your phone records in an effort to confirm the true source of the call.
You should also reach out to the State's Consumer protection Bureau or an equivalent functioning department within your state usuaully part of the State's Attorney General office...

As we all learn, unless you call your bank, your bank will never call you to get your account information. Also it is important when searching for your banks number or any financial institution on the net, it is extremely important to pay attention where you end up versus what the description is.

best wishes for a successful resolution to this horrible situation.
Scott CSenior Engineer

It's even possible your bank may offer some type of fraud protection and they may give some or all of your money back.  

You know this now, but never give out your account or personal information when somebody calls you.
Distinguished Expert 2018

You should report to your bank, the local police, and the FBI. You can also report the number to the FTC. The scams aren't uncommon and happen quite a bit unfortunately.

Here are some resources:

Also lesson learned: Be careful who you disclose your information to and verify that parties are who they say they are.

Absolutely report to your local Police ASAP.

And complete

FTC Identity theft complaint site

Additional sites...

FBI Internet crime complaint center

Quotes from  see:

If you are a victim of identity (ID) theft, report it immediately. The Federal Trade Commission and your local police department are critical in filing the complaint. Once you file the ID theft with the FTC, you will have an ID theft affidavit. Print and take this with you to file the crime with the local police and get a police report. These two documents together are your identity theft report. Your identity theft report will be very important as you resolve the problem with creditors, banks, and any other companies where fraudulent accounts were set up in your name. You may also report specific types of identity theft to other agencies.

Contact one of the three major credit agencies to place a fraud alert on your credit records:
    Equifax: 1-888-766-0008
    Experian: 1-888-397-3742
    TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289


Thanks my bank have reported and I reported to the police

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