SQL*Plus debugging? Is there a way to step through the SQL Script?

David Bass
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Hi I have a colleague who has a SQL Script that she runs in Crystal Reports.  I need this similar script to run on our AIX box for a certain program.  It runs fine in Crystal, but it just hangs on our IBX AIX box.

It has like 14 SELECT Statements.  Is there a way I can step through this script in SQL, like a debug tool, so I can see why it is running a long time or failing without me knowing?  I wish there was a log file or something?  Is there??

Thanks in advance for help!
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you can use pl/sql debugger, you can get it free from oracle

also you can use dbms_output.put_line and utl_file.put_line to check (output) variable values

also if you are using pl/sql to test it you can add this to your sript

spool output.txt
set serveroutput on
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You can always take each PL/SQL command and post it one after another. There will be no difference then to single-stepping in a debugger, but without any added tools and effort ...


Thank you for your help!

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