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Jesse Bruffett
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is there some trick to delete all the GPO' s on a domain? the company i work for manages the networks for 8 school districts, most have had other IT companies or "inhouse" guys over the past years and their GPO's are a mess. instead of trying to sort through all of them is there any difficulty or unseen repercussions to just deleting all of them and starting their GPO's from scratch over the summer? i want to delete everything GPO in the domain and start building back up from scratch. Most are running windows server 2008 or 2008r2. Ive never gon scorched earth like this on GPO's so i just want to make sure there isnt some special trick to it or anything hidden i need to worry about.
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Senior Engineer
No, no trick.  Just to into the Group Policy Management console and delete anything that was put in there.

And if you delete too much, meaning the default can simply recreate them.
Scott CSenior Engineer

Glad I could help.

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