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Moving a large MS Sql Database

Im looking for a way to move a large MS Sql Database without taking a full backup and copying it over to new server.

Is there a way to copy database today.
Then the next day only copy over what has changed since last copy?
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Alexey Komarov
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From the beginning you need to restore full backup in norecovery mode.
Then you need to restore all transaction log backup's.
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Ok, so your saying copy full backup over to server. Then restore full backup in norecovery mode. I will have to look up how to do that.
Then your saying I should be able to copy over transaction log backups from point of time I took full backup to time I want to cutover to new server?
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You can try to use copy-only full and tlog backups. It will not break current backup chain.
Thanks. We are going to try mirroring.