Moving a large MS Sql Database

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Im looking for a way to move a large MS Sql Database without taking a full backup and copying it over to new server.

Is there a way to copy database today.
Then the next day only copy over what has changed since last copy?
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Alexey KomarovChief Project Engineer

From the beginning you need to restore full backup in norecovery mode.
Then you need to restore all transaction log backup's.


Ok, so your saying copy full backup over to server. Then restore full backup in norecovery mode. I will have to look up how to do that.
Then your saying I should be able to copy over transaction log backups from point of time I took full backup to time I want to cutover to new server?
Distinguished Expert 2017
Look at log shipping or db mirroring

There is no good way to do what you want without backup/restore.
Make sure you copy the SQL logins from your current server to the new one.
The backup retains the security credentials references, however Usera with password some password on server A is not the same account on server b, unless both have the same Sid.

Ms has SQL login transfer that can easily be found via a search on the web.
If you need it and can not find it ..

When restoring either tsql or using the SQL server management graphical restore db,, including the norecovery in the tsql or selecting the middle option on the options as Alexey pointed meaning the DB at the conclusion on the new server will remain in recovery mode and will not be brought online. This is needed for the option of restoring transaction logs either manually (backup transaction log, copy, restore with the same norecovery option) or setting up log shipping that will automate this process, or configure the DB in db mirroring setup which will in real-tine update the new server when changes are made on DB on server A.
Alexander ArdatovSoftware Manager

You can try to use copy-only full and tlog backups. It will not break current backup chain.


Thanks. We are going to try mirroring.

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