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VMWare ESXi Guest CPU

Im trying to understand when I build the VMware Guest server.

If the guest requirement for processor is 1 dual core or 1 quad core,
What do I set for the (number of virtual sockets and number of cores per socket)?

Please advise.
Thank you
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I set dual core and 1 CPU in the example above.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Andrew, Great info. Thank you.
No problems, if you still need help, related to vCPU (virtual CPUs) in a VM, please ask, because it is a very misunderstood subject.

and often, you may need to allocate as many as 8 vCPUs, for the correct performance, and application.
I know it s bit confusing. so if I understand this...

the requirement is "1 dual core or 1 quad core" for SQL server.

so for my VMware guest, I set the "number of virtual socket" equal to 2(dual) or 4(quad" and the "number of cores per socket" equal to 1.

Is this correct?
Yes, always use Sockets.

Unless you have a license restriction and need to use Cores, that's why it was invented.

It's really not as straight forward as that, unless those requirements are based on virtual requirements, or are just based in the physical world.

Because a Dual Core Physical Processor (bare metal server) may not really equate to a Virtual Machine just with 2 Sockets (vCPUs).

the same is true of a requirement for 4 sockets (vCPUs).

I would recommend, you try 2/4 sockets, check performance, are you experiencing a CPU bottleneck, slowness which can be attributed to CPU, and increase.
Ok. sounds good. Thank you for the feedback.