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I know very little about arrays in Excel,

Basically I have sets of data, 400 records, each containing 10 separate rows and 12 columns of data.

If I use say myArray(400,10,12) as variant

Do I then just use myArray=range("A1:Z400") < but cover the 400x10x12 cells?

Then how do I individual reference all these ?
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Specify the array without dimensions, Dim myArray() As Variant
Load the data into the array, myArray = Range("A1:Z400")
Then the array has 400 rows and 26 columns.
Arrays loaded from worksheet has base 1, so it works like using the cells(row,column) method.
It always has 2 dimensions, even if it is only one column.
To get a value from row 10, column 3 use X = myArray(10,3)
Or insert a value into the array, myArray(10,3) = X
To return the array back to the sheet use Range("A1:Z400") = myArray
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