Who is more objective Fox News or Reuters ?

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Is one more objective than the other ?

any examples ?

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

If you're of a conservative mind, Fox is more objective.

If you're of a liberal mind, Reuters is more objective.

There's no such thing as objective reporting any more.  Every new outlet has an agenda.
i agree with Dr. Klahn - you won't find an objective answer to this question - here or anywhere else!

I think the meat of the stories is probably equal on both sides, but the headlines are where the bias shows up. I have read two similar stories that both had the same facts, but one site had a very biased headline leaning right, the other leaning left. I think most people read only the headlines.
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If I tell you which one, you will question whether I am objective. :)
I think weifai is right when comes to individual/particular answers, then maybe better to find the answer looking at some statistics, if you can find them; see the opinion of many different people from different places/cities, different classes, different background, education... that is the closest as you can get to objective defined as opinion of majority based on surveys.
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If you've watched Fox News, you'll know off the bat they're anything but balanced. Reuters would be the more so (of the two), but I'm not going to lie that they don't have a liberal bias. In general as far as media it depends on what show or who is presenting the news, more so than the network or medium it comes through (example: The Washington Post has some conservative writers, but overall the newspaper has a more liberal leaning). Sometimes the way to get the most objective, balanced news is from a source outside of the country that's being covered. However, that doesn't mean that those sources don't have bias either.

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