Contacts > exchange syncing to Android for contacts and vice versa


Recently got an android phone and considering changing from iphone ...

Ive a lot of contacts but the sync is very slow and no progress bar.

Is there a problem with two way sync from android phone to exchange and vice versa?  
When I update a contact on the phone it has to go to exchange and vice versa ...

I might consider reverting to iphone if there is sync issue ...  although apple phones are so so expensive compared to Samsung galaxy  

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Jackie ManCommented:
What is Android version, Exchange and Activesync version?
feck1Author Commented:
Android version 6.0.1  / Exchange and Activesync version? > Exchange - business / 365

In 1 day my phone has only synced 1/3 of my contacts, so slow to sync for the first time and broadband connection is fast enough ...
feck1Author Commented:
In 3 days what hope have I of a 2 way contacts sync?  Is it very problematic?  Is the iphone a lot better at this? Ive had no problems with the iphone sync to date ....
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Jackie ManCommented:
You need Outlook for Android if you use Office 365.

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feck1Author Commented:
Hi Jackie Man

Have you tested the Outlook ap on an android phone to sync two ways?  Or you just think it works?
feck1Author Commented:
It doesnt work

It doesnt SYNC no matter what I tried
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