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I'm new to fibre and think i'm making a rookie mistake.

Have a look at this image i created,
I can't ping the router from the PC, why is this?

If i plug the CAT line directly to the router i can ping it.

FYI, these are the parts i'm using,

Any help is appreciated
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Check if fiber is working. :)
If it is not OK swap cables on one side of cable (Rx and Tx pair).
Additionally, (I am not familiar with netgear) maybe you have dual-personality port so you may need to manually configure port to use SFP and not RJ45 port.
Presumably it works if you connect the RJ-45 upstream of the fiber on the Netgear?
Presumably it works if you connect the two Netgears with a CAT5E patch cable?
That leaves the fiber connections.

You should be able to see the port status by looking at the switch interface from a browser.  That should tell you a lot!


I clicked through the settings in the switch and couldn't find any kind of dual-personality port settings.

Port status for the two SFP shows "down".

When configured,
Switch<-->Switch<-->Router<-->PC        So the 2 switches are connected to via CAT5e,   1 switch connected to the router,  i can ping both switches.     The PC is connected to the router.
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Until port status for SFPs is up, fiber connection will not work. Try to swap one side of cable as suggested previously and check compatibility of SFPs with your device if possible (typically can be found in device documentation or vendor's site (if Netgear have such list at all). It can also happen be one of SFPs is bad (would not be the first time).


The LC to ST connectors had mislabeled lines.     When i swapped one side of my connection, it solved the issue.      This was after i went through 3 sets of SFPs.      

Thanks for your help and patience.
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That was the first suggestion.
You're welcome.

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