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Outlook 2013 - Errors and difficulties

musalman asked
Last Modified: 2017-09-03
Dear All

We are using Outlook 2013 Standard using IMAP account type. Email provider is third party (Not Microsoft/Google).
windows: Windows 7 Pro

Whats happening is that Outlook is showing various kind of issues :

1- One day works well, next day stops to receive/send emails.
2- While opening Outlook, it throws Error: Your Outlook data file cannot be configured" .
     I checked the MS solution but the registry values they are mentioning is not listed in the Windows.
3- When run ScanPST, it works for a day or two , then stops again,
4- When run Compact, again it works for a day or two , then stops again,
5- Created New Profile, same as above.

My question:
What's the root cause ?
If there is really a problem either in Office or Windows, it should not work at all.

Way forward:
I have been asked to purchase a new PC, but I am reluctant due to the reason that if there is a problem in the Profile, this will behave similarly in the new PC.
Still, I tried to configure this account on a spare pc today and will see if this works !

Please suggest a good reason and a right direction to move to fix such kind of issues ...

Note: Email account is a HR personal account who is receiving emails with attachments (5MB - 10 MB) on daily basis, BUT we can't stop them as such emails are part of business needs.

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RaminTechnical Advisor

If outlook is in cached mode,  take it out of cached mode, shut down outlook,  then

delete the OST.  Run outlook then put it back in to cached mode, and retest.

The next time you start Outlook, a new .ost file is created for the account.

Distinguished Expert 2019

How large is the OST file?

What is your broadband bandwidth?

Have your contacted your service provider for email hosting?
bbaoIT Consultant

> a good reason and a right direction to move to fix such kind of issues

sure, the first thing or direction is to determine which side where the problem is located, the email server side or the Windows client side.

a quick way to determine this is to run the same version of Microsoft Outlook on another PC from the same network. you don't need to buy a brand new PC for doing this, any PC capable running Office 2013 is sufficient.
"configure this account on a spare pc today" what was the finding please share.
Rajul RajInformation Security Officer

Whats your bandwidth of your internet connection .

Aslo try to reconfigure the user account of outlook
musalmanERP Consultant


I have configured it on another PC and it is still synchronizing,

I would say something in the evening (after 2 - 3 hrs) ...

Distinguished Expert 2019

IMAP will not work if you have high latency of your broadband Internet.

Try to run the following command in elevated command prompt.

ping IP address or Host name of your IMAP mail server -t

and post back the latency value in million seconds.

musalmanERP Consultant


@Jackie Man
I performed the ping. This appear as Minimum = 304ms and Max = 309ms

the Email seems to be working on the new PC (in fact , its not all brand new PC), but i guess Outlook 2013 has some stability issues.

This is observed while we are opening emails with heavy attached files, so by the time, Profile gets exhausted and rusty, hence resulting in Stoppage of receiving emails. There might be another logical reason, but my observation is this.

Please comment.

Distinguished Expert 2019

You need to use POP3 instead of IMAP as your network has a latency of 300ms or above.

Another option is to reduce your mails on server to make the space consumed less than 500mb and doing so will reduce the size of the OST file.

If your users want to stay with IMAP with a large OST file, two things must be done.

1. Upgrade the broadband network to make the latency less than 10ms; and
2. Change the hard disk to Solid state disk (SSD)

The main cause of above mentioned errors are below registry data is configured on the computer:

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\PST
DWORD: UseLegacyCacheSize
Value data: 1

Please go through this blog to back up the registry for restoration. It will definitely solve your issues.

ERP Consultant
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musalmanERP Consultant


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