Prevent sending e-mail in Outlook 2010

Hi all,

We're in the middle of migrating from Outlook 2010 to an online system.

Our consultants have to stop working with Outlook. They should only be allowed to open Outlook for consulting old e-mail and not be able to send any e-mail.

Is there any way to disable the Outlook "send function"?

I have tried following suggestion but this also blocks sending e-mail from a smartphone or tablet.

Sending from smartphone should still be possible.

Thank you
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
This is really unusual sine Outlook is designed to connect and send and receive for default :)
But simple think you can do is:
Is this Outlook using Exchnage or is standalone ?

If is connected to Exchange
GO to account properties and change authentication type.
Outlook not going to be able authenticate with domain anymore so it will be unable to send any emails.

If Outlook is standalone then go to account settings and remove password

Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Are they exchange, pop, or imap accounts?
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
Each email account in Outlook has two settings.  1. A receive email setting. 2. A send email setting.
The general answer is to disable the send mail half of the account. (SMTP)
How to do this depends on how the email account is setup - Exchange, Exchange Active-sync, POP, or iMAP.

But, when you look at the email account settings, basically, you need to disable or delete information on the SMTP settings.
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ItxxAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

They are Exchange accounts.

I cannot disable the send funtion only.

All above suggestions don't seem to work.

I'm just gonna have to admit that it probably isn't possible to disable sending only.

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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You can work around it.
I did test on my Exchange 2013 but I have no option to test it on Exchange 2010 so sorry for that. You need to try for yourself

You can create Rule on your mail flow

If message is receive from:  xxxx select members from your domain

Forward the message for approval to xxxxx select member from your domain or contact outside domain

All emails from this person(s) will be send for approval to address you'll selecting.
You can see if person who has restriction trying to send message and if you'll not approve this message will not go anywhere by your designated address.

I made test in my domain
and I got message on my private email asking for approval

There is an option to apply same rule to whole group so you can do rule for group and add all users you want restrict to this group
ItxxAuthor Commented:
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your answer.

However, if I follow this guide all mail will have to be approved.
I only want Outlook on our RD servers to be "read-only".
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
This s only way you can do it. If you'll not approve email from this particular use then email will never be sent out.
I this this is what you was asking for,
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
If it is on select computers, customizing the send/receive to receive only would be my recommendation.

As detailed earlier, Outlook options on the computers for send/receive are set to receive only.  So, when a user presses F9 or the timer for send/receive triggers, only receive messages are processed and no errors are triggered.

If a user tries to send a message, the messages will store in the Outbox, but will not be sent.
ItxxAuthor Commented:
They are Exchange accounts and the goal was so disable sending e-mail for Outlook only.

This is just not possible. I cannot disable the send function only.

I have chosen these assisted solutions for imap or pop users.
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