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Server 2016 Standard Domain - Users can search/find files on mapped drives, but can't open, etc.

Running Server 2016 Standard (with Essentials Role). Have shared out folders (using Wizard - nothing unusual or special) and mapped drives for users via Group Policy. All working fine.

A user told me that he can search for, and find, files on the mapped data drive (he is using Windows 10 Pro). However, he can't open a found file and he can't right-click and get a context menu. In other words - search finds what you want but you can't do anything with it!

What's weird is I can replicate on a Windows 7 PC and on the Server itself. Same behavior. Example search on *.txt:
This is from the 2016 Server - I should be able to open a TXT file, but can't. Double-click does nothing. Right-click - nothing.
Can replicate the same behavior on a Win 7 Pro PC as well.

If I use a third party tool like 'Everything' from VoidTools, all works as expected.
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Sal Sorice

8/22/2022 - Mon
Greg Stolar

is that server a Domain Controller?
Sal Sorice

Greg Stolar

What are the rules for Authenticated users? I hope that they are logged in domain. Do they have R/W rights on that share? This problem get for all users or some of users. Can you open that textfiles from a client-PC with your admin login?
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William Peck
Sal Sorice

Users are logged onto domain and have proper rights. No one has any problems opening / reading / writing to a share. The only issue is with the Search results. You can search and find, but you can't do anything with any files that are found (click, right-click have no effect). If you manually browse to a file that you see in the search results there is no problem opening, etc.
David Johnson, CD

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Sal Sorice

Thanks David. It does seem to be a search index issue. Reindexing now.  If that does not solve it I'll post back. Hope it does not re-occur as I don't know what would cause it.