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Pivot Table in SQL Server

I have a table HF01A which has 3 columns
   Acct_Nbr     string
   Col_Head    string (has 3 values  HF_C, HF_D, HF_L)
   Col_Value     integer

ABC        HF_C     5
ABC        HF_L     7
ABC        HF_D    3
DEF        HF_L     2

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I need a table
    Acct_Nbr       string
    HF_C               integer (NULL allowed)
    HF_D               integer (NULL allowed)
    HF_L               integer (NULL allowed)

Acct_Nbr           HF_C         HF_D       HF_L
ABC                  5            3          7
DEF                                          2

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Microsoft SQL Server

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