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what is correct syntac for netdom renamecomputer

this is what I typed, looking in help it appears to be correct.
netdom renamecomputer kpc309 /newname:kal-lo-wrk-009 /userd:gary /password:thisisit /reboot:10
also tried
netdom renamecomputer / /userd:gary /password:thisisit /reboot:10
also tried
netdom renamecomputer / /userd:spock\gary /password:thisisit /reboot:10
everything points me to netdom help, which looks exactly like what I typed
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Emmanuel Adebayo
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If you already log on with account that have administrative priviledge you don't need to include the password

For example To rename computer Server to Server1, type the following at the command prompt:

netdom renamecomputer Server / /userd:<administrator account>
Is this computer part of a domain?

You can replace current name with %COMPUTERNAME%
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P.S. your command you are using is missing a 'd' at the end of 'password'  should be 'passwordd'