How properly setup DNS records to use two or more mail domains on one host? Need someone to check dns entries!

I need help as I have stuck with setting up two mail domains on one host.
Actual, first domain is already working fine on SmarterMail application.
Now would like to add second domain on same host, but I have problems with DNS records of second domain.

By testing telnet the second domain is always poiting to first
telnet >> 220

I'm quite sure it is not worth trying to setup second domain on SmarterMail before dns resolving correctly...

Thanks anyone for help in advance...

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It looks right to me.  I looked up your mx record for and it's pointing to the same host as (see attached).

That's what you wanted right?  If not, can you clarify what the problem is because I am not seeing any issue given the settings above.  Thanks.
dejandejanovicAuthor Commented:
Oh, great. Glad to hear from expert that I have done correctly about DNS.
Domain/mx mail.batte-trade is configure on SmarterMail application which works fine.

I had configured mail.xrey-design on hMailServer >> then I had in Outlook added account >> but the account has start synchronize the account, for sending and receiving. So, everything what is done under, its reflect in!

Shall I open new question?

By the way, I'm sorry for mixing this two application, but I'm looking which is more corresponding to my needs.
Not a problem at all.  Did you add the other domain as a domain alias of the main domain or separate?  If you had it the second domain as an domain alias then can you try adding it as a separate domain instead?

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dejandejanovicAuthor Commented:
Thanks for help. I'm so sorry for delay. Had a private technical problems.
Let me install hmailserver again, and try to configure.
Hope for you help again...
dejandejanovicAuthor Commented:
Hm, I think I was able to manage correctly all domains. I had disable smartermail, and reconfigure the hmailserver.
Now I able to add anykind domain, which dns records are correct >> and all accounts are now correctly receiving/sending emails from/to their mailboxes. And, separetly of course meaning the mails are mirroring from between each domain to others
Not a problem at all.  I am glad you go it sorted out.  Cheer!
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