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Registry permissions settings not sticking

On a Windows 7 64-bit.  I have set a sub-key in HKLM\Sofrware to have permissions different than its parent key (to allow the non-standard user to make changes).  Now I want to revert the sub-key back to inheriting permissions.

I check the box to inherit and even went to the parent key to replace permissions and closed the registry.  Reopened the registry and the changes are still there.

Logoff, log back in and the changes are not there.  I've even uninstalled the app (and manually removed remnants of any reg entries and Windows folders relating to the app) and reinstalled the app (RealVNC) but the permissions on the sub-key are still set to not inherit permissions (checkbox is unchecked).

Any ideas?
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Use Registrar Registry Manager,
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@TomCieslik - unfortunately that did not work.

@Ramin - I bought the product but it handles its permission setting by "handing" it over back to the Windows environment (the Windows dialog box appears).
So it looks like you have some error in registry.
You can try Export Root or sub key to txt (reg) file and remove it completely  from registry, close regedit and double click on exported file and import it back to registry.

Then go there and check if inheriting working.
Turns out this permission setting exists throughout the enterprise.  It is hard-coded by the application to not let the permissions change on this particular sub-key to persist after logging off or rebooting.

I'm closing this ticket but will accept the solution since it will work under normal circumstances.