Passing client data from form to server

Hello there,

I have a HTML5 form with Angular 2 and I have a form that takes string and integer value and sends it to my Java backend server. But for some reason my integer value is being sent as string in the JSON which passes to the server. Below is the code. I will appreciate your help!


<div class="form-group row">
                <label class="col-form-label col-md-4" for="fax">Fax <span class="required">*</span></label>
                  <div class="col-md-7">
                    <input class="form-control" 
                                    formControlName="fax" />

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            name_en: this.companyProfile.name_en,
            address: this.companyProfile.address,
            fax: this.companyProfile.fax,

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saveCompanyProfile(): void {
        if (this.companyForm.dirty && this.companyForm.valid) {
            // Copy the form values over the CompanyProfile object values
            console.log("  ZZZZZZZZ    "+JSON.stringify(this.companyForm.value));
            let p = Object.assign({}, this.companyProfile, this.companyForm.value);

                    () => this.onCompanyProfileComplete(),
                    (error: any) => this.errorMessage = <any>error
        } else if (!this.companyForm.dirty) {

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and my Service class that talks to the server looks like so,

private updateCompanyProfile(companyprofile: ICompanyProfile, options: RequestOptions): Observable<ICompanyProfile> {
        const url = `${this.referenceUrl}/${companyprofile.name_en}`;
        console.log('url: ' + url)
        console.log('updateCompanyProfile: ' + JSON.stringify(companyprofile))
        return this.http.put(url, companyprofile, options)
            .map(() => companyprofile)
            .do(data => console.log('update companyprofile: ' + JSON.stringify(data)))

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Jim RiddlesPrepress/OMS SpecialistCommented:
That would seem to be expected behavior, to me.  My thought is you should convert the value to an integer using Integer.parseInt(), in your Java backend code.
zolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment. How can i change this on the client side instead of the server side. any suggestions!!
Jim RiddlesPrepress/OMS SpecialistCommented:
There are a few functions you can use to typecast a variable:

For your purposes, parseInt() seems to be the best choice.  Have a look here for more detailed information.

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