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Unable to save Excel document because of errors

I have this problem.

When user tries to save an Excel file, Excel shows an error message:
"Errors where detected while saving April.xlsx. Microsoft Excel may be able to save the file by removing or repairing some features. To make the repairs in a new file, click Continue. To cancel saving the file, click Cancel."

Then the user click Continue button and try to save it again but the repair obviously failed because a new error message appears - that there are too many formula errors.

I tried to copy data to the new Excel document as many sites recommended but it didn't help.

Note: This Excel file was copied and rewritten many many times.

Thank you for any advice.
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Mike in IT

8/22/2022 - Mon
Mike in IT

We will probably need more information on what is in the file to be able to help.

It does seem odd that copying the data from this erroring file doesn't help. Are you able to review the formulas to see if there are errors or circular references? does the file do what it is supposed to currently?
Hello There

Well, I am from IT Dept and someone from Financial Dept had this problem so there is no way I could tell you more about used formulas.

Even people from FD wouldn't be able to tell you where the problem is because this Excel file was created a years ago. They copied the file and made a little edit and saved it. The next week or month they did it again with the latest version of the file. So over the years there are so many formulas they even do not know about. So it's pretty hard to say something specific. And they own many files like this one.

Today Mrs. XYZ did this thing: She took a spreadsheet from one Excel and put them into another Excel. The error appeared after that. I told her to put all spreadsheets into a new Excel but it didn't help.

There is an interesting thing. This error is rare. We usually figure the problem out by creating a new Excel or something like this. But today...

I hope it helped a little.
Mike in IT

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Hello There

Thank you. I will check it tomorrow.
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Walt Forbes
Hello There

solved? maybe
Mike in IT

Let us know if you are able to fully solve this. if not we will continue to help as much as possible.