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Static Route on Cisco ISR 4431's

Hi All,

I'm "fairly" new to Cisco's and have recently swap our 2 Draytek 3900's for 2 Cisco 4431 ISR's which i've managed to set up fine however we had a static route on the Drayteks for an Aerohive wireless network and on the WAP's we have a guest SSID which is bound to VLAN30 and these should get DHCP from a seperate scope on one of our Windows servers. The route on the Draytek had a destination IP address of with a subnet mask of and a gateway of ( is the network IP of the VLAN on our HP switches that these WAPs are plugged into and is the management IP of the HP switches)
How do i get this configured on the Cisco ISR's  ?

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Predrag Jovic
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You're welcome.