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No IP Address Assigned to VM

I have a VM built in Windows XP SP2 .  I have opened the VM in my Laptop .  I  am able to ping  from the VM to my Laptop , but I am not able to get the shared files from my laptop ( Infact , It doesn't even identify the Laptop)  . I tried  VMWare setting for Network Adapter as Bridged/NAT/Host only . But all give same result

My Laptop OS  is Windows 7
In the IpConfig /all , I don't see any IP address  assigned ( This might be the fundamental reason)
Please see the attachment for the Ipconfig

Any help to have the  fileshare possible is highly appreciated
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Vikas Bhat

if you are able to ping the VM, and it does not have an IP Address, this is not possible, what is it pinging...
Show us the ipconfig /all from VM system and from Windows 7.

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Please see the ipconfig  in the link below

User generated image
Edit: Converted Attachment link to embedded image.

Andrew Hancock
VMware Topic Advisor.
which software are you using for runing the VM?

Is it VMware workstation?

Have you installed the VMware tools?

The installation of VMware Tools, should not affect the lack of IP Address in a VM.

I tried  VMWare setting for Network Adapter as Bridged/NAT/Host only .

this also suggests VMware Workstation or VMware Player.
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I am running VMWare . Not sure what it means by VMWare tools.   I have a number of other VMs running without any issues (Only the VM in XP has the problem)
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Okay, looking at the screenshot, it states Media Disconnected, in this State, it will not obtain an IP Address, or Up the Link.

Can you re-check the network interface for the VM, does replicate media state - checked ?

or delete the current interface and add a new network interface.
IN VMware workstation open the Edit Settings for the VM and review the Network Card and see if there is a check box for Connected...

Please upload of screen shot of the VM's settings from the Edit tab