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Windows 7 copy and keep both files

Hi guys

Hopefully someone can help me?

In my organisation we use Windows 7 and we have problems copying emails with the same subject.

I have to keep emails that come in and copy them into a folder for my team to see.

I frequently receive several emails with the same subject, however Windows 7 will not let me copy and keep both files.  
Windows XP used to let me do this.

Does anyone know how I can copy and keep both files, I cannot keep manually renaming the emails or creating separate folders each time as this is too time consuming.


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Tahir Qureshi
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Create a rule

New rule
Move message with specific word in subject to folder>choose the word>choose the folder
run this rule now for previous emails
& it will automatically move the future emails as the rule is enabled
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DO you want to copy email to folder in network or to folder inside Exchange ?
I just use the Outlook features to do this:

Move or Copy email:   Select Copy to folder and copy it. Then Move it to the same folder. I use this feature regularly.
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Hi guys

I am using Outlook 2007 and wish to copy the email onto a network folder.  

On Windows 7 I know the Copy, but keep both files option is available for other types of file such as MS Word, but for .msg it seems it cannot be done.
I've found a strange workaround to my problem.  See below for an example:

* Existing email with subject of XYZ already lives a in folder called Correspondence on a network drive
* Copy the newly received email (that has the same subject of XYZ) into a new empty folder on a network drive
* Copy (or Cut) that new email from the new folder into the existing Correspondence folder
* Windows 7 will now prompt you with the option to Copy, but keep both files
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Why you want to do it manually of you can create rule ?
Do you have conversations enable?
This was the easiest workaround.