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Failover cluster replication outside of cluster registry key: IsBrokerOptional


OS: Windows server 2016 Datacenter
Server: 2x Dell PowerEdge R730

Creating a cluster while we still have some machines running outside of the cluster (and replicating outside of the cluster) I tried to setup replication outside of the cluster for a testmachine while the cluster was active. This isn't supposed to work as a replication broker is needed and the expected result was a message saying that replication needs to go by the broker.

Instead in my situation of 1 node in the cluster, 1 node not in the cluster, no replication broker created, I got the message:
A Hyper-V Replica Broker needs to be created on the failover cluster "..." Create the Hyper-V Replica Broker using Failover Cluster Manage and try again. If you are using the IsBrokerOptional registry key, retry the operation directly from the WMI or through a management suite of your choice.

I have been looking for any information about this IsBrokerOptional registry key but can't find any.

Anyone ran into this also?
In all honesty it would make life a lot easier if we could replicate VM's on clusternodes outside of the cluster, and thus use cheaper, DAS storage of any sort. (JBOD in our case)
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Philip Elder
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Set up replication from within Failover Cluster Manager when replicating from a cluster resource to another cluster or a standalone machine.
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Kenny Asche


The hardware situation is as follows:
We have very little shared storage for high available VM's in a cluster
We have a lot of DAS storage for VM replication between Hyper-V hosts.
The hardware we have doesn't support Storage spaces

My original post actually was about an errormessage I got trying to setup replication on the side of a cluster.
It was talking about a way IsBrokerOptional registry key (the message is from Microsoft themselves) we maybe could get replication to work on clusternodes but on VM's not in the cluster.
The error states to use Failover Cluster Manager (FCM) to create the replication relationship. The destination for the replica does not matter.

When the VM to be replicated is located in a cluster then FCM needs to be used.
Hello Philip,

It is not possible to, once you have created a cluster, to replicate VM's inside the same cluster, so once you have a cluster you can only replicate to a non-cluster host or another cluster.

We only have 2 hosts in the same cluster but we do not have enough storage to enable failover for all VM's in our cluster. (1,5 TB  of shared storage but on both sides 10TB of non shared storage.
In our case we will not be able to use a cluster at all because we are not able to replicate between nodes in a cluster and thus not use the replication broker role. This on the other hand would mean we will miss out on active failover for all our important machines.

If there would be a registry key we could add to work around this, as mentioned in that errormessage this would greatly help us, and I can only assume a lot of other companies also as a SAN, virtual SAN or specific hardware for storage spaces can be a costly change.
This is something that used to work in Windows Server 2012 as we had a cluster with only a couple machines in the failover cluster and the rest running on the same nodes but replicating between those clusternodes, not managed in the failover cluster manager.
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