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NAS backup--

Hi there,

We're getting a QNAP NAS for file sharing. It will be stand alone unit with local users accounts and management as we don't have  Windows AD. The unit has 24 bays and we'll be using 22 for storage with 10TB HDD. I figure after the array is created we'll have about 180TB of usable capacity. Our issue now is finding a way to backup the data, getting another NAS unit to replicate to is not an option, I backed up another smaller NAS with 38TB to Amazon Glacier but it took over 2 days on a 300 mbps fiber line so it seems to me backing up to the cloud is not an option either. That leaves me with tapes libraries, I've been looking at them and many support multiple TB of data. One of my questions since i haven't worked on tapes for years is how do I backup the NAS with it? I've used tapes libraries in the past to back up server using SCSI connection but the NAS does not have a SCSI controller. Has anyone dealt with something like this?


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Tom Cieslik

8/22/2022 - Mon
Tom Cieslik

I have Buffalo NAS and I've used Backup Exec 2014 to backup it to tape.
It's working very good since backup server is using LAN connection to SAN.
All you have to do is use local SAN admin as BE credential when you're creating new backup Job.
Jorge Diaz

Hi Tom,

I'm sorry i'm not clear on the setup. you have the Buffalo NAS  in the network , a server with BE loaded on it, and a tape drive connected to the server. I'm missing the other connection, the SAN? how's the setup for that?
Tom Cieslik

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Jorge Diaz

Thanks Tom, it looks straight forward. I'm going to see if BE has a trial i can test on the existing NAS.
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William Peck
Tom Cieslik

You're very welcome