Create a TAR File (tarball) using Coldfusion\Java on a windows server

I need to create a TAR file containing multiple files on a windows server using Coldfusion\Java. I have found lots of examples of unpacking them, but very little on creating them. I found this example of using gzip to add some text to a file and that works, but I need to add files. I'm also not 100% sure that gzip is the same thing as building a tarball. This project was assigned to me with a very short turn-around and I'm spinning my wheels so any help in the right direction is greatly appreciated:
<cfset lineBreak = chr(13) & chr(10) />
    <!--- open the sitemap file --->
    <cfset tarFilePath = "#application.imageingFolder#DTSimages\Pending\tiff.gz" />
    <!--- create streams --->
    <cfset outputStream = CreateObject("java", "").Init(
    			CreateObject("java","").Init(tarFilePath)) />
    <cfset gzipStream = CreateObject("java", "").Init(outputStream) />
    <cfsavecontent variable="siteMapHeader"><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <urlset xmlns=""
    <cfset siteMapFooter = "</urlset>" />
    <cfset gzipStream.write(ToString(siteMapHeader).GetBytes()) />
    <cfset gzipStream.close() />
    <cfset outputStream.close() />

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Win Server 2012
ColdFusion 10
Java Version 1.7.0_15
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I need to create a TAR file containing multiple files on a windows server using Coldfusion\Java
That's slightly odd - tar files are native to Unix but foreign to Windows.

You will need a special library as they are not supported in the JRE. I'm happy to work with you on this in Live ( )

Gzip is a compression method for single files

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The solution is available here:
Yes, as i said, you need (for a proper solution) a 3rd party library
Rob EAuthor Commented:
It was solved by someone on another site
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