Display if field is NOT "" or NOT null

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I have the following code which will display a region if a recordset field is not = ""  (blank)
I need to add to it that is also NOT null.

<% If rs_contactalert.Fields.Item("contact_alert_type").Value <> ""  Then 'script %>


 <% End If %>   

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What is the database system? Why not solve it at the root itself? Add isnull(contact_alert_type, '') contact_alert_type in the select statement itself.

What do you think?


contact_alert_type  is the field of the recorset. if the field value is either NULL or ""  then the region won't be displayed. I am not clear what you are asking.
Okay...how is the recordset created? There must be a select statement somewhere if it is the kind of web applications I have been developing.
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its a simple select. I will change it so that if its NULL then it will make it ""  I can do that, but that was not the initial question for the IF statement.
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to answer the original question, you can simply do

If  ( "" & rs_contactalert.Fields.Item("contact_alert_type").Value ) <> ""  Then

this will convert any NULL value into a string


Thanks. This is what I needed.

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