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Lenovo Full Disk Encryption


I have a Lenovo Laptop for a client of mine.  Support ended in 2014.  He did not properly back-up his files and let his kids play with the laptop (how many times do we warn users of this !).  Now the Windows Registry is damaged and can't boot to Windows.  In the past I boot up with a Windows DVD and be able to run a number of tools like Automated Repair.  Now here is he problem.  None of the usual options I use will work.  It appears to be the Windows image is not mounted and able to be worked on.  I can see the files and file structure via the command prompt.  Basically the tools error out that Windows was not found on this system.

Laptop is UEFI.  In order to be able to boot to a disk in the optical drive I disabled Secure boot and enabled Legacy BIOS support.  I can now boot to a repair disk or other tool.  I want to be careful what options I change since if I am not careful

I am pretty sure nothing is working because of the FDE.  As of right now it appears my only option is to do a full system factory reset which of course will wipe out his data.  This is Windows 8.

There has to be a way to temporarily decrypt this drive so I can use a tool and go back to a System Restore Point or other methods to repair Windows.  Anyone run into this ?  Any help would be appreciated.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  Thank you.
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