Tomcat 9 + java 8 error while trying to deploy a war file

Jonathan Gama
Jonathan Gama used Ask the Experts™
I recently installed Tomcat 9 with Java 8, it runs well but when I try to deploy any war file through the Tomcat Web Application Manager, the tomcat throws this error:

"FAIL - Deploy Upload Failed, Exception: Cannot find operation isServiced",

-I already created an empty project just to see if my code was the problem but still I have the same error,
-I repeated the process in my pc and in a windows server but both give me the same error after,
-I have to say that I deployed the same war files to a Tomcat 6 with java 6 work well and deploy perfectly with no issues.

The error in logs is " Cannot find operation isServiced"

there 2 other people with the same issue with no answer so far on the following links

Thank you for your help
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Android Developer
Solved it!, the version Tomcat 9 M19 has the problem, it looks like it is a bug, I did the same with Tomcat 9 M18 and worked as expected, thank you all for your help.
Jonathan GamaAndroid Developer


Nothing to add, I just used one version back and worked

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