Dell Precision R320 controller PERC H310 mini

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In open manager I see my RAID1 (two SSD drives) running Server 2012
I have 6 new SAS drives installed and would like to create a RAID5
In Open Manager I see 6 SAS drives under Enclosure in container 0
when I try to create the virtual disk and make the RAID5 I only see 5 SAS drives
if I  go to Server 2012 disk manager I do see one SAS drive, it's not partitioned

any suggestions to help me create a RAID5 of all 6 drives?

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If you go to Virtual Disks in OpenManage, you should see a non-RAID volume ... you need to delete that. If you don't have that volume, then make sure your physical disks are all showing as Ready and that the missing one is not Foreign.
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PERC H310 mini is supporting up to 16 disks in Raid 5 configuration.
Are you sure you have identical drives in all slots ?

If controller BIOS can see only 5 for Raid 5 configuration and thous disks from 0-4 then shut down server and swap disks let say ID:5 with ID0 or 1 and try again.
If swapped disk not going to be available in Raid 5 then it must be something wrong with disk or is not identical with others.
jsarinanaI.T. Manager


Thanks for the help
I was able to build the RAID after I rebooted
not sure why I needed a reboot
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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You're very welcome and thank you for award.

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