Accesing mySQL database from a Bitnami-DreamFactory VM

Andres Moctezuma
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Hi there,
I have a VM hosted in Azure which runs a Bitnami-Dreamfactory VM. During upgrading the DreamFactory libraries accesing the mySQL stopped working.
I am now trying to extract the mySQL database so I can put in a freshly installed VM.
Problem is we can not access the mySQL database. Resetting root password also doesnt work even on safe mode.

If you are familiar with Bitnami-DreamFactory VM and think you can help me extract the mySQL database, please help.
Thank you,
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Is the issue inability to connect to MySQL or MySQL service does not start. It has an error log that could help resolve the failure to start.
If you start MySQL with the --skip-security-tables MySQL must not be running or your attempt to start it will be denied.

Are you able to connect to the MySQL? MySQL -u root (no password) should let you access.
If you are connected, see if you have mysqldump which is the MySQL backup tool that can be used to create a backup file of the database which can then be used to restore.
If you are able to connect, switch to the MySQL database and look at the users table. ..

You've included some detail without the context of was done and what you saw.

Not familiar with the VM you reference, and perhaps that is why it is unclear to what changes might have occurred that would cause the issue you have.

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