Sorry no details IF YOU have owned a DELL Windows 7 system for about 2 years.

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No details now and question specific to DELL ONLY.

Neighbor got some popup and he thinks it can be handled over the phone. Wrong, I told him to make no choices and just leave the system on and running or shutdown using the power button.

He could hardly read the message to me. He has never gotten the message and it sounds like Dell is prompting to upload or upgrade or ???

If you owned a Dell and Windows 7 since Jan. 2015 and seen such a message let me know.
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Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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What kind of question it is and what is about ?
Do you need any advise ? Then ask question.
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Newer Dells (around that age, and in particular laptops)  may run an optional component to check for drivers. I cannot recall if you're prompted for downloading updates. The systray icon however will show there is something new.
I think the guy tried to pronounce "systray" on the phone so that may be it.
If it is will it be offered again if he just powered off.
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Dell indeed has utilities that will notify users of updates, but so also does malware.  If the dell utility is doing the notification, you should be able to log into it and see their "messages"  the icon may be visible on the systray or you may need to look in the notification and icons for the Dell message center.
I doubt he set up any way to "login."

It may be a few days before he can let me see what message he is getting and I'll post it here.
I do believe systray was part of it.
MacleanSystem Engineer
Ask him to screenshot the message or text it to you. Can't make much sense out of this.
But as per above suggestions it could be a dell program such as their backup & recovery notifying that that application needs an upgrade or is ceasing to be maintained.

Sorry, I should have been clearer.  You do not login the dell message center, you simply open it.  If its running you see an icon in the taskbar notification area.
Most OEM computers by HP, Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, etc, install some kind of "support" software that is enabled by default and checks regularly for software and firmware updates.  The Dell version is referred to as "Dell Support Center".

It should already have run its system detection component to find the "Service Tag" and "Express Service Code" numbers that uniquely identify the computer, and it can therefore allow you to look up the original system configuration (components and installed software) and warranty status.  It will also check for Operating System updates and patches, driver updates, and BIOS updates, as well as allowing you to run diagnostics checks and search support articles.  From what I recall it simply fetches the online content into its own program windows rather than opening the default browser.

By default the Dell Support Center will run at startup and in the background, and will prompt if updates are found or there are important support articles pertaining to your computer.  It can be disabled as a startup application from (I am fairly sure) within the program's settings and run manually at intervals instead.  I would suggest that you run it manually and see whether it did find any updates, which might have accounted for the popup notification.

If the owner is able to immediately recognise and identify the Dell Support window as being the notification that popped up, then running a malware scan is optional but recommended anyway.  If he or she is not sure, then I would suggest a malware scan as mandatory in the circumstances.
The pc owner can not let me get the the system until the 11th. He tried to take a photo of the message with his digital camera and he says the photo was unable to be loaded to the computer. Why I am not sure.

He did say that the "Dell" systray message mentioned restoring his system back to the day it was bought. Why would Dell prompt him to do that?
Here is the message. He took it with his digital camera.

System Engineer
That's the Backup & Recovery as per my note. Dell is decommissioning that software. Ill find a link.
EDIT: Found it here


Hence its just a notification regarding some services being phased out. No viruses or worries :)
You could even uninstall this software as these days Dell Allows you to restore the Operating System through downloadable media from their website.
Thank you Nick

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