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Problem with Lenovo M73 Tiny with Dual Display

I have a few Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Tiny form factor desktops that are hooked up to two monitors. One monitor uses the available VGA port and the other uses the available display port. 90% of the time I don't have any problems. Both monitors display and extend as they are supposed to. However, every 3-4 weeks the user will come up to me and say their monitors went black, usually after coming back from lunch.

Sometimes I can unplug both wires, tap the power button, then plug them both back in and tap the desktop power again, and both computers turn on. Often, however, I have to unplug the display port and turn the computer completely off, at which point the computer will display through the VGA only. However, if I plug the display port back in after that it will automatically change the VGA to display 2 and I can see the user's wallpaper but it still thinks the display port monitor is monitor 1 (Even though it's dark) so I can bring up the display properties to change anything.

At first I thought it was just the one computer but I've had it happen to three of them now. Same problems every time. I've changed out the monitors and the wires without success.

More information:

Lenovo M73 Tiny form factor
VGA and Display port input available (Works most of the time)
Connected to two monitors of varying sizes (Usually around 19 or 20 inch)
The Display port input is using a direct display port to DVI wire (I've tried cable matters and Amazon) The monitors themselves don't have display port inputs.
Windows 10 Pro

if it was a larger form factor I would just throw a video card in there but there isn't any room for one. I have a few Dell desktops that are the same size but I haven't had this problem with them so it appears to have something to do with these Lenovo's specifically.
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Make sure BIOS is up to date. Run System Update.
Make sure that the Chipset driver is up to date.
Make sure the Video Driver is the newest.

Then, set Power Management so the system is always ON (that is does not suspend).

These things should help
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Display port requires negotiation to setup properly.  It is possible that should the computer and video time out at lunch time and the monitor sleeps, then when awakened the PC video port sees nothing connected and resets the display port.  

As a test, put the computer to sleep,  then wait for the monitor (display port connected) to sleep.  Once both are sleeping try waking the computer first.  You should get the same issue.  Then try it again, but waking the monitor, before the computer.  See if that works.
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Try to swap the priority of Display port with VGA port in BIOS or Windows and retest.
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I've tried every suggestion so far with no success. I tried updating the bios and the driver, made sure the monitor is set to always stay on...still no luck. It just happened again today.

The only other thing I've now done is uninstall the Lenovo power settings that come pre-installed. Usually I remove those before deploying but I must have missed them. I know they can cause problems.

Ramin - Can you expand on what you said in your comment? What do you mean swap the priority of the two ports? One monitor has to be Display port and the other one has to use the VGA because the secondary monitor doesn't have a DVI input. I suppose I could switch out that secondary monitor with one that does, if that's what you are suggesting.
I suppose I could switch out that secondary monitor with one that does, if that's what you are suggesting.

yes, that was what I meant. also I think you can do this from BIOS.

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Ramin, that looks like a Thinkpad laptop - mine is a M73 desktop. In any case the BIOS seems slightly different. The only option it presents me with is IGD - Integrated Graphics. I don't see anything else.

John - I'll try re-installing the chipset driver. Thanks
Any luck reinstalling the Chipset?

I did re-install the chipset and so far I haven't had the problem repeat. Unfortunately, the problem can take weeks to re-occur so I'm not sure if it's fixed or merely seems like it's fixed. I also don't want to leave this ticket open indefinitely, however, so I'm going to take your answer as the correct one and hope for the best. Thanks very much!
You are very welcome and I was happy to help. I hope the machine continues to function well.