what are some best practices for prioritizing which tasks to add to a sprint?

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We have a backlog of hundreds of items, what are some best practices for prioritizing which ones should be done next?
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Jeffrey Dake Senior Director of Technologyy

This is usually where the product owner role on the scrum team comes into play. The product owner should be evaluating which issues should be worked on first.

If you are ewe ally unsure where too start I would start with identifying dependencies. If there are dependencies that makes it easier to know where to start.

Where I like to start is focus on what your high level goal or initiative is.  If you can group your items into each of these higher levels categories you can then prioritize which one of those is the most important to your team. Then you tackle the issues under that initiative. This also helps with maintaining focus for your development team.
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you can find some tips for the same here: https://pm.stackexchange.com/questions/11519/how-is-sprint-backlog-prioritized

and more valuable info and discussion here: https://www.scrum.org/forum/scrum-forum/6074/priority-sprint-backlog-items

hope that helps
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