Server 2012 RDS SSL - CRT to PFX Issue

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I've got a server 2012 environment, and despite the fact i previously managed to get RDS secured all perfectly, it's come to renew the certificate and i've got stuck.

I have installed the CA and the SSL in the right places, but i can not export the certificate to a PFX file with the private key, i cant find the private key either, so i'm stuck and for the life of me i can not remember how to proceed!

I need this PFX file to then install in the RDS Manager
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Is this a third party cert, or a self signed?
Is the new cert actively imported and working on any other locations/servers?
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Since it is for renewal, you can generate a new certificate request. Send the request to your CA for issuance. e.g.
If you have a certificate authority set up.
Open MMC and add the certificates module for Computer Account
Right Click personal > All Tasks > Request new certificate
Press Next
Press Next
Check Computer and expand out details
Select Properties
Type Friendly Name (Not required)
Go to Private Key Tab
Expand Key Options
Check Make private key exportable
Press OK
In Personal > Certificates > select your new certificate and export certificate so it includes private key.   Should end in pfx
In Server Manager -> RDS -> Overview -> Edit Deployment properties -> Certificates -> Select Existing certificate...
Choose a different certificate > browse to your cert you previously exported
type the password in and press ok
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