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Any Way to rotate banner ads from Commission Junction?

Last Modified: 2018-03-27
I asked a similar question a little over a year ago, and have learned that some adjustments must be made--if they can be.

I own websites that carry affiliate ads. What I want to do is to rotate ads in various set locations on the page, so that if you visit a page with ad "A" on it today and then return to it tomorrow, you may see ad "B" or "C" or any of, say, 12 different ones.

I thought I had this covered with some coding provided by an expert here, and the rotation seemed to work just fine (still there, still does, on almost all the pages on www.radiogeorge.com). The ad graphic and corresponding link coding did the trick....or so I thought.

Commission Junction contacted me recently to say that while my method worked, since it did not the javascript code they generate for each ad, it screwed up their counting of impressions and such.

So now it's back to square one. I suppose the question to start exchanges is "Can what I want to do be done?" and wait for your requests for more info and details.

Thanks for your time and help. Here we go.........
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Not just the only solution, but it contained some stuff I had no idea about, which will help me a lot. Thanks!