How to keep a record with the highest value

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I want to keep only records with the highest value when a duplicate exists. The column containing the highest value is named Revision and the column containing the duplicate is named Manual_ID.


     Manual_ID               Revision
  22.11.20_A1234               4
  22.11.20_A1234               5

I want to keep only the record containing Revision 5.
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
Top Expert 2016
you can try:

select A.*
from YourTable as A
inner join (
   select manual_ID, max(revision) as Revision
   from YourTable 
   group by manual_ID
) AS B
on B.Manual_ID = A.Manual_ID
and B.Revision = A.Revision

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If you want to delete the duplicates, then try this:

delete from tablname
 where revision not in
   (select max(revision) from tablname
     group by manual_id); 

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Software Team Lead
I think it can be as simplest as this if there's no other requirements:

select Manual_ID, Max(Revision) Revision
from yourTable
Group by Manual_ID

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