Expand Verizon 3G to LTE - possible?

Paul Quintana
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I am working with a client who lives out in a rural area. She uses Verizon Wireless. In her area, 3G is only available. Is there a way to expand to LTE; such as purchasing an antenna or device?
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Shailesh ShindeLocalization Engineering & Automation

Jackie Man IT Manager
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The answer is IT DEPENDS.


Enter street address, city or zip of your client in the link above and check for 4G LTE Data Coverage.

If there is no 4G LTE Data Coverage, you can do nothing at all.

Besides, if the device of your client does not support 4G LTE of Verizon, you can do nothing at all.
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No. You don't have control over how Verizon builds out their towers. Your closest bet would be with a network extender (femtocell), and I can't guarantee that would work out the way you'd want it to: Verizon LTE Network Extender

Biggest requirement for the network extender is a high speed internet connection. If the person doesn't have that, then you can't even start to look at that option.


Thank you, both for your help. I was thinking things have changed since I looked at this in the past.

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