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Group Policy Object. You might not have the appropriate rights?

I've recently transferred all the roles from an old SBS to 2012 R2 server and netdom query fsmo confirms they have all been transferred to the new server fine.
However when I try an edit old GPO's I get the Failed to open the Group Policy Object you might not have the appropriate rights - network name cannot be found.
If I open GPO on the old Server it still opens and I can edit them however I can see they are still tied to the old server name not the new.

Usually when I've transferred the roles before GPO shows the new Server name in the GPO Editor and I don't have this problem.
Also should I worry about Raising the domain functional level? it's currently set for Windows Server 2003 ( not sure if this really matters?)

Any recommendations how I can get all the GPO's transferred properly to the new Server?

Many Thanks in Advance
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Cliff Galiher

8/22/2022 - Mon
aravind anche

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Cliff Galiher

Group policies are not "tied" to any specific server, ever. They are simply binary files on the sysvol share, and sysvol is replicated to every DC in a domain. So when you say that you "can see they are still tied to old server name" ... that just isn't how group policies work. I don't think you are seeing what you think you see.

Now most admin tools can connect to remote servers for remote administration. And many default to using DNS to find DCs. Which means you probably have a DNS problem, not a group policy problem.
CRL ltd

I can see SYSVOL isn't even shared off of the new Server could it be something to do with this?
Cliff Galiher

That's an unhealthy DC then. Sysvol and netlogon get shated as part of the DC boot and health check.
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