RAID-6 partition limit

Tomasz Wojtczak
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I have purchased a Fujitsu server.
I have 6 HDD 2TB and created RAID-6. I need to install Windows Server 2012R2. During installation I created 100GB partition for system, and then windows setup split rest of free space to two unallocated free space. I need that space all for one partition.
Are there some restrictions to size of partition or am I doing do something wrong?

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Rajul RajInformation Security Officer

4TB Hard Drives Bring RAID 6 To Its Limits
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Unless you have a UEFI BIOS, (or an Itanium chip), then the largest volume size you can install the O/S to is 2^32-1 blocks = approx 2.09 TB


Done it. I changed boot too UEFI and changed raid contlorer drivers  and now i have 100GB and 7,5TB partitions :)
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Just to clarify, RAID-x does not, inherently, impose *any* size limits on the array.  That's not to say that the controllers can't access individual drives beyond a certain size which therefore imposes a controller limit on the size of the array.

The file system, however, can (and does) impose a size limit on the logical drive volume.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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Partitions are bad.  create RAID VOLUMES.  Store you VMs on a separate volume from the host os.
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The author acknowledged that changing bios to UEFI resolved the problem.

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