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I have a problem with one  production server (physical machine Dell R620). That server is part of our ERP package and SQL server 2012 is installed on it. OS  - Windows 2012 R2. That server is freezing up from time to time in weird way. Looks like simple processes working, I can ping that machine, see shares but I'm not able to RDP or login any way that server. Usually when freezes I need restart, there is no way. Sometimes clock is on the screen, sometimes screen is blank, Cnt-Alt-Del is not working. I tried restart or shutdown remotely from different machine using cmd or power-shell commands - no luck. I red tons of articles but did not find any good solution.
I don't even know how to isolate issue. There is nothing in event log or Dell server console. What kind of logs I should use ? Dump memory ? I red that Symantec client can make that issue. I have installed managed client v. 12.1.4112.4156. I will be moving from Symantec to Webroot pretty soon. There is one thing what I did not try, configure Virtual power button over Dell DRAC. Did you try that ?
Any other thoughts ?

thank you

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Have you done any hardware tests yet?  Sounds like failing hardware, more so failing RAM.  2nd Guess is an HD is failing, (but if you have RAID, check the health.)
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As knightsman check HW log on the Dell openmanage too. Ping, share might mean your system setup is not consistent with a server setup for running apps.
Check advanced properties dealing with memory/processor prioritization for applications/programs versus background (file sharing)
Check network device properties for file and print sharing to see if network is prioritized for file sharing or max throughput?

What is the situation for direct console login.

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