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exchange 2010 and Exchange 2016 ECP Issue

We have 2 sites with Exchange 2010, but I just introduce Exchange 2016 into the environment to run in co-existence. They have single name space "mail.domain.com/", but no I haven't made any DNS changes yet to point client services to 2016, only the certs is imported to 2016 and name spaces changed to match 2010. In site 1 when accessing the 2016 admin console, it works fine, I can click the icon for the 2016 admin console, and it opens the browser, I put in my credentials and I'm in the 2016 admin console. Also the 2016 powershell console works fine.

But in site 2 the powershell console works fine but the admin console doesn't work. It redirects me to the Exchange 2010 ECP. I haven't moved any mailboxes or anything. If i click the admin console icon, it opens to the admin console page, but once i enter my admin creds it redirects me. I have also tried using the servername (https://servername.domain.com/ecp?ExchClientVer=15), with the same results. I have cleared cookie cache, I have rebooted, and nothing seems to work.

So my mailbox is hosted on 2010 because no mailboxes have been moved yet, but in site1 everything is working correctly, but site 2 is having the issue. If i log into the console in site1 i see all the Exchange servers in site 2 like normal but strange that I can't access the console on a site 2 server.

Any advice on this by chance, before I have to engage Microsoft. See the screenshots. 1st 2016 admin console, 2nd 2010 ECP console

capture 1

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8/22/2022 - Mon

What about OWA in Site2? does it get redirected to Exchange 2010? Have you imported the certs on Exchange 2016 servers in site2?

Try localhost/ECp also check if you have set the redirection on IIS

I tried localhost also with no luck. Actually localhost is what the Admin console icon use, but I also tried by manually typing localhost also. I didn't try OWA because there are no mailboxes in 2016 yet. I did check and there are no IIS redirects. Yes I did import the certs. This install is the same as site1 and site1 works correctly. I have done nothing yet other than import certs, and set single name space for all servers. Nothing in IIS or DNS.
Jakob Digranes

these are different AD-Sites right?
you have EX2010 and EX2016 in SITE1 and EX2010 and EX2016 in SITE2?
I guess this is a temporary setup - having DNS pointing to EX2010 - if you add a new mailbox to EX2016 for an admin account - will it work then?
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Walt Forbes

Jakob yes this is 2 different AD sites, with Exchange 2010 and 2016 in both sites (co-existence). yes this is temporary having DNS still pointing at 2010. This is only while I test, and once test are good i will change DNS to point to 2016. I haven't tried to add a new mailbox to 2016 yet. The reason is because my account works in 2016 in site1 but not site2. I guess i will need to add an account to 2016 and give it a try.
Jakob Digranes

Yes --- I have no straight forward answer to why it fails - but we could either spend quite some time troubleshooting a temporary solution, or try the qucik fix first.
hopefully that'll work and you're good to go !
Ajit Singh

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There are no redirects on the default sites in the environment. Also I moved the admin mailbox to Exchange 2016 and the issue is still happening. I also have a mailbox that was actually created in Exchange 2016, and the issue is the same. Site 1 it work while site 2 doesn't. I will call MS about this and see what they say.

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