how can i recover an object -  looking up on a property - out of an array of custom objects ?

Erwin Pombett
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how can i recover an object like we do in linq out of list of custom objects.

$collaborators = Import-Csv $PSScriptRoot/collaborateur.csv -Delimiter ';' 

$PeopleInObjects = @()

foreach($collabo in $collaborators)
    $pObject = New-Object  PSObject

    $pObject | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty "Matricule"       $collabo.Matr
    $pObject | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty "Firstname"       $collabo.Prenom
    $pObject | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty "LastName"        $collabo.Nom

    $PeopleInObjects += $pObject 

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// here how can i recover one object after it's lastname ?

thank you in advance
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You can use Linq or Where-Object.

Where-Object (because... well PS).
$PeopleInObjects | Where-Object LastName -eq 'SomeValue'

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Linq extension methods:
$PeopleInObjects.Where{ $_.LastName -eq 'SomeValue' }

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Where-Object returns a scalar if there is one result, Linq will always return a collection. By mindful of this if testing whether or not a value exists.
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If you need that access often, you should better create a hashtable with the key (here: lastname) as index.

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