Use sharepoint to collect data from internal users and external vendor

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Here’s what I am trying to accomplish:

1a. Internal (REQUESTOR) user submits a form and I need to save the data into SQL SERVER.   (I was thinking of using Sharepoint).
SQL SERVER needs to extract the record (and a unique key field) that the REQUESTOR submitted and export to an Excel form (populate the top half with values from SQL) then send that Excel form (the vendor needs to fill out the bottom of of the form) to an external vendor via email.

1b. NOTE: When a form is submitted into Sharepoint's SQL DATABASE, I want a copy of the record saved to my SQL database.  How do we do this?

2. The vendor (RESPONDER) fills out the Excel form and emails back to my mailbox.
I want to take the Excel that I received via email and update that same record (unique key field) in SQL SERVER via sharepoint.

I only have a SQL SERVER 2008 R2 so I can create a table to store the data received.  I have Sharepoint 2007.
Please provide a step-by-step how to accomplish these items.

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I don't feel we have to walk that complicated way for this.

Create a custom list in the site and align columns/metadata in the list as per the requirement.
Publish this list to the users and they would enter the form information. Once done, go to Actions option in the list and select Export to Excel.
You can also import the items back from excel to this list. Only thing is the template of Excel should not vary.
Walter CurtisSharePoint AED
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Agree with Mohit. Seems like a busy road to take. Using both SQL and SharePoint is somewhat redundant, maybe just one or the other, and excel is just more complication. Not sure if you have the infrastructure to allow the vendors enter data directly via a SharePoint form, or other form, but that may streamline your system.

Good luck...
Walter CurtisSharePoint AED
Distinguished Expert 2018

Information provided is accurate and correct.

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