Cannot connect to Oracle database, python not recognizing cx_Oracle

Hi I am trying to connect to an Oracle Database using pycharm as my IDE.  I've downloaded and installed the cx_oracle from 

However when I try to run:

import cx_Oracle, I receive an import error, and am completely stuck as to what to do next.  Any help will be appreciated.

Error Message
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Please check and confirm if you have specified the correct folder names....
c:/Users is normally use to contain folders that are named for a user's login.  Normally, you cannot create or access other folders and files unless you are an administrator.

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Scarlett72Author Commented:
Hi wanted to follow up.  Firstly I should have posted more info like I'm on Windows 10, and 64 bit.  
This link helped me immensely:  Stack Exchange
The key for me was installing the 64 bit version of python, the 64 bit cx_Oracle dll and pointing the windows environment variable path values to the correct directory location.  Thanks for posting back JesterToo.
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