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I am trying to set up exchange 2013 along with exchange 2007.

I believe we can create legacy URL for OWA as long as mailbox is on exchange 2007

 Set-OwaVirtualDirectory –Identity “ex2013servername\owa (Default Web Site)” –InternalUrl –ExternalURL

 Set-OwaVirtualDirectory –Identity “ex2007servername\owa (Default Web Site)” –InternalUrl –ExternalURL

but we have users around 2000 of them using activesync on their phone using presently exchange 2007 how that will work for the time being till users are not migrated to exchange 2013 box and if we have exchange 2013 in place as it does not do redirection as regards to exchange 2007.
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What you're referring to is co-existence during a migration.  It can be a bit tricky, but the good news is there is an excellent Technet blog I've used several times myself on the subject:

Read that.  Read it again.  Test.  Deploy.
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You don't need to use a legacy URL for ActiveSync in Exchange 2013.  It will proxy ActiveSync for Exchange 2007 just fine.  In fact, ActiveSync is usually the protocol that gives you the least amount of trouble in a transition.  I recommend you configure your URLs for the proxy configuration and point everything to Exchange 2013 CAS.

See the proper configuration of URLs for Proxy and Redirection - Exchange 2007/2013 CoExistence URLs

For migration here is a step by step guide for migrating from Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2013:

Hope this helps!

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